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A trip to Jamaica would not be complete without the best food and drink in the island nation's capital. Whether you're visiting Jamaica or putting together a tropical feast for your family at home, here's what you can eat in Jamaica, from traditional Jamaican food to what's absolutely best. When you visit us, you will find that there are countless delicious options to eat, but if you are not familiar with the names of the various dishes, you should not be confused where to find a good version of another Jamaican dish. Even if you get a little lost when giving up national favorites, when the national favorite is offered, it is always worth a visit.

Other popular destinations for idiots include the Lilliput Jerk Center in Montego Bay and Falmouth. The jerk technique has its roots in the Old Town, where the centre is located, but the offer of half a dozen smoky jerk pits is sure to satisfy. In Negril you can choose between Ocho Rios, which is located on the beach of OCHO Rio, or Negril beaches on the beautiful Seven Mile Beach (see our article, which lists the best activities in and around Ochos Rias).

If you are travelling to Jamaica with your children, consider staying at the Beaches Resort Water Park. Take a look at our list of the best beaches in the Caribbean for children and only for children resorts.

The tropical environment provides an isolated place to really relax and enjoy curry chicken, honey fried chicken and grilled lobster. This family-run Idiot Chicken spot is located in Negril, near the lighthouse, and also serves fresh fish prepared to order. The hip strip Pelican Grill has a variety of - of - living atmosphere, which reminds of the old - contemporary Caribbean bar and restaurant scene. Although this legendary restaurant now has several locations, the best Jerk Chicken is found at Murphy's in the West End of Negril, which has one of Jamaica's most popular restaurants, the Hip Strip.

Served with Jamaica's Caribbean touch, this popular South Asian dish is a good choice for a sandwich. In Jamaica, plantains are coated with butter before frying, sometimes butter, but you'll find fried fish and Jamaican pies in the fold. Many of Jamaica's meat dishes are bone-free and slow-cooked, so they bring out all the flavours. The meat is chopped and tossed into a mixture of spices such as garlic, ginger, cayenne, black pepper and cumin and sprinkled with salt and pepper.

It is the spices and condiments used in this kind of Caribbean cuisine that can turn even the most hardened critic into the most gentle gourmet. If you find a Jamaican dish that resonates with your soul and palate, you will experience this experience. If you're fed up with Jamaican food, we recommend you go to Evita's and have a jolt meal.

For more information about traveling to Jamaica, see our article and discover Jamaica by stopping at the various routes that will take you from Kingston to Montego Bay. If you compare the relative quality of restaurants in Jamaica, you will feel much more comfortable. If you are now in the area of the original Evita's in Kingston, we recommend you visit it to enjoy the most authentic atmosphere.

Restaurants are designed to combine the best of Jamaican and European cuisine, and we recommend them for home cooking and the finest that is the true flavor of Jamaica.

Served with rice and peas, this is one of the savoriest and most delicious meals you will have in Jamaica. Add Jamaican rice or peas (often with jerk chicken), coconut milk and other spices. As with most Jamaican dishes, you should expect the spices to be imbued with the typical Jamaican flavor.

If you travel to Jamaica as a child, pepperpot soup is a great way to get your kids to eat vegetables. It may sound like a lot of work to go to Jamaica and eat soup, but the fact is that Jamaica has an extensive soup repertoire.

The selection of landlubbers is also excellent, including Jamaican - spiced pork medallions, expertly spiced steaks and a host of other dishes. When you visit the Caribbean island, you will find a wide selection of soups prepared by local chefs, such as chicken, beef, pork, chicken and pork chops. There are many different kinds of chicken soup in Jamaica, served with peas, rice, bread, fruit and plantains.

The other is one you hear about on the island, but it is probably one of the most popular and popular dishes in the Caribbean, and it is one you can sign up for while you are in Jamaica to take a taste test. When you leave Jamaica, you have the chance to try some local favourites that are also available outside Jamaica. Guests staying at Beaches Resorts Jamaica can also enjoy a free drink during their stay.

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