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It has been on the market for almost a year and sold at auction online in just two months. Property experts in Jamaica praise the strong tourism market that investors can successfully target, and the property offering is gradually improving in terms of quality and attractiveness. Estate agents are still focused on bringing new properties to people with an interest in property. Some local estate agents complained about the high cost of online access and going to public auctions, but the house sold in just over two months.

To experience this little piece of paradise, it is worth visiting the Caribbean island of Jamaica. It just shows that it is one of the best places to visit and be at any time, no matter what time you visit it.

There is no guarantee that you will be able to stay permanently, but in most cases you should be prepared to retire in Jamaica at any time, even when you retire. You can move your whole life to Jamaica or any other country as long as you are sure you can live there for at least a few years and perhaps even longer.

If you are an investor looking to enter the Jamaican market, or a member of the diaspora planning to return to your homeland, there is no better place in the world to invest in real estate than Jamaica. With the right tools, you can use and capitalize on Jamaica's strong economic and financial position as an investment destination. Property in Jamaica is relatively cheap and inexpensive compared to properties in the rest of the Caribbean. In fact, it is known that property in Jamaica will generate almost 60% of your income in the next five years. As the nation works hard to improve its global image and economic position, investors buying now could also benefit greatly in the years ahead.

If you have a property for sale or rent in Jamaica, please register with the seller and contact us for more information about the property you are interested in. Click here to browse our Jamaica property listings and if you would like to list your property for free, please click here.

We recommend that you contact your local broker or agent, who is registered with the Real Estate Board of Jamaica. The Jamaican Real Estate Association lists all its listings through local agents and agents registered through the Jamaican Real Estate Agency and through its online database.

The Jamaican Real Estate Council is responsible for promoting acceptable standards of professional and ethical conduct in real estate and for protecting the rights of persons involved in such transactions. The association was founded to maintain and support the regulation of real estate in Jamaica and to promote a high standard of behavior.

Real estate agents and sellers are licensed to conduct real estate transactions, including marketing properties for sale and assisting buyers in identifying the property for sale. Currently, locals and foreigners can buy, sell and take their profits from any part of the world.

Currently there are no foreign exchange restrictions in Jamaica and anyone can send money to Jamaica. All funds transferred abroad for the purchase of property must be approved by the Bank of Jamaica and there is no tax on the transfer of money.

The TRN can be obtained through the Jamaican Tax Administration (TAJ) and is obtained from any natural or legal person who may own land in Jamaica. If the buyer is a foreign company, the company should be registered as a "foreign company" doing business with Jamaica under the Foreign Investment Act (FIA) or the Overseas Companies Act of the United States.

Jamaica has no restrictions on foreign ownership of property and offers investors a range of tax incentives. Retirees who have lived in Jamaica for three years can apply for permanent residence. If you are still a foreign investor in the United States, you can also apply for residency if you have been employed in the United States for at least two years or at least five years in another country.

It is easy to get a visa to Jamaica, wherever you are in the world, which means you can search through a variety of properties in one place with a single click on your phone or tablet. Jamaica real estate at super affordable prices, forget all the other Caribbean islands combined at once.

On average, rent in Jamaica costs $250 to $500 a month, but there are some studio apartments that cost more than $33,000. The properties for sale will cost between $150 and $215 per square foot, and some homes will be located right on the beach. A two-bedroom apartment in Kingston would cost about $185,000, while a condo in St. Mary's would start at about $22,500, and a three-bedroom apartment in the capital, Kingston, would cost about $35,600, or $40,800 for a bedroom.

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